Stay Cool All Summer Long

Add a radiant barrier to your building in the Houston, TX area

The temperature outside might rise, but the temperature in your building should stay cool and comfortable. You can use a radiant barrier along with insulation and an HVAC system to keep the temperature exactly how you like it.

Arctic Insulation Solutions installs radiant barriers in Houston, TX and all surrounding areas. These thin barriers don't conduct heat well, which makes them an ideal tool to keep roofs and living spaces cool.

You can expect a radiant barrier to:

  • Seal almost all radiant heat out of your building
  • Significantly reduce the temperature in your attic
  • Almost halve the heat flowing into your living space

By keeping your space cool, it'll reduce your HVAC system's workload and energy use. You'll see lower prices on your monthly energy bills. Call 832-586-2893 now for a free estimate on a radiant barrier.

Find out about another tool for cooling

You can also get a solar fan from our company. A solar fan will provide additional ventilation and cool the air in your attic, helping you maintain a comfortable temperature downstairs. Consult us right away for details about using a solar fan.